Weekender will arrive in 2023.

You only have 168 hours in a week and, we're sorry, there's absolutely no way to add any more.* Most of us spend the majority of those hours doing tasks we have to do, like work or chores or sleeping, not necessarily the stuff we long to do, like actually seeing your friends or finally digging into that garden or exploring someplace new. All your fun has to be crammed into those leftover hours.

Weekender will give you the tools you need to spend your free time wisely. If you think of your time as money, well, we're here to help you find some buried treasure.


Did you hear about that amazing show happening next weekend? We did, and we'll not only tell you how to score those tickets, but we'll let you know all you need to know about the venue and even show you the best way to get there. If crowds aren't your thing (we feel you), we can help you and your family discover that scenic hike a few miles away or find a great new hobby to try. Whatever you're after, we'll help you get out there.


Look, sometimes you just want to chill at home. We do too! We'll give you all the options for that lazy Sunday viewing, whether it's live sports, streaming the perfect movie, or binging that new hot series. Wanna finish that outdoor project? Weekender's experts can help you tackle that tricky lawn or finally start that vegetable garden with tips on everything from seed and container selection to soil care and pest control. And, if you're feeling more ambitious, we'll advise you on the most stress-free ways to create the delicious dinner party of your dreams—you know, the one that all of your friends will talk about for years.


Sometimes you want to leave it all behind. We are here to help you run away. Our travel experts will tell you how to score the best deals on getting there, staying there, and what you can't miss once you get there. And, if you don't know where to go, we can point you in some fun directions.


Sit tight, because Weekender will launch in 2023. Curious about our progress? Check back here for updates.

*If you have somehow figured out how to get more than 168 hours in a week, let's talk. Please.